About This Tool

This tool was developed by Third Rock as part of our "Worry-Free Compliance" solution and is powered by CompassDB (Compliance and Risk Management Automation Dashboard).

This tool should NOT be interpreted as a complete HIPAA assessment tool. To become compliant you should consider having a third party Risk Assessment.

Who is Third Rock?

Third Rock is a no-nonsense compliance and risk management firm that works with you to identify issues, solve problems and create plans to improve your organization. Risk assessment is HHS and NIST SP800 compliant!

You can learn more about Third Rock at our website: www.thirdrock.com!


The data collected in the survey is anonymous unless you choose to request a consultation. You may view the complete privacy policy at any time here.

Third Rock - Worry Free Compliance


Are “you” at risk of damaging your practice or reputation?

Compliance and Risk Management Automated Dashboard