• Lawsuits resulting from stolen patient data
  • Patients suffer identity theft, stress, disruptive life
  • Costly breach remedies
  • Expensive audit fines
  • Negative social media

Healthcare Security Breach Statistics

  • Over 120 million individual’s PHI has been exposed
  • Avg. Cost Per Breach: $807,571 for small business
  • Ransomware has incresed 250% in 2017


  • OCR levied over $12 million in fines in past 12 months
  • In 2016 OCR levied fines for not having performed a valid a Security Risk Analysis
  • In 2017 OCR levied fines for not having a risk management plan to take corrective actions
  • OCR audits show the average level of HIPAA compliance is 14%
Breach Healthcare!

“There are now only two types of companies left in the United States: those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked. “
Robert Mueller III, Director of the FBI